I <3 (mt)

I've just moved all B2S's server operations to (mt) mediatemple. And I'm like "wow, this is the good." Super-easy and understandable even for a designer. Neat interface design, I just fell in love with those sweet icons everywhere.....
31. juni 2007


Solen går sin höga ban
uppå himlarunden,
månen seglar som en svan
uti midnattsstunden.
Allting gammalt är så nytt
för en liten fattig glytt
som kom i jåns till världen.

30. juni 2007

Burt Blancher

Likes things that are clean and quiet, like swedish clothes. Also tatooos, IBM thinkpads MacBook Pros and afternoons - but also mornings. Probably also you and everything in-between, but not necessarily in that order.

In other words, this is the pixel universe of Burt Blancher. I intend to use this site as a place to put all the stuff, thoughts, pictures and annoying opnions i have. I really dont mind anyone will continue to read this or not, because this is nothing but a g-thing experiment.Wanna talk? bbp at this domain .dk